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Paper Roll Tube Machine
Paper Roll Tube Machine

25 Layered Bobbin Loading Stand

Tape Space Distance ( 18 cm )

Cutted Bobbin Centralized Adaptor

Bottom Transport Rollers

Top Transport Rollers

Elastic System Paper Tension Mechanical

Guiding Combs

Left and Right Adjustment Wheels

Dimension 1000x7200x1200mm


Pneumatic Flat Cutting System

Pneumatic Double Blade Tube Cutting System

0,37 Kw. 50 rpm Cutting Motor

Full Electronic Servo Control Length Cutting System

  Servo Motor

  Servo Driver

  Operator Control Panel


  Triger Belt

Stacking Unit By The Pneumatical Drived

Min:500 Max:3000 mm Cutting Length

Min:3 mm Max:15 mm Thickness

Min : 40 Max:250 Inside Diameter Cutting Specifications

Smooth Cutting +-1 mm

Production Speed 20 Meter / Minute

Machine Size 1500mmx1500mmx1500mm