ATC Adana Machinery and Trading Co
Medical Incinerator
Medical Incinerator

Medical waste

Domestic waste

Animal carcass waste

Airport waste

Wastewater sludge

Municipal waste

Organic and inorganic waste

Packaking waste (cellulose and pvc)

Oil waste

Demilitarization waste

1. Automatic loading unit

2. Primary combustion burner

3. Primary cumbustion chamber

4. Ash removal unit

5. Ash removal conveyor

6. Post cumbustion burner

7. Post cumbustion chamber

8. Heat exchanger

9. Cyclone

10. Reactor

11. Bag fitler

12. Wet scrubber column

13. ID fan

14. Main stack

ATC Incineration Plants have been developed to incinerate organic, combustible metarials and

convert these metarials into harmless and disposable residual matter while fully complying with

required environmental requlations; namely EU 2000/76/EC, EPA and any other local standards.